What art studio to choose for your painting classes in NYC?

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Young artists always feel the need to express themselves. However, they should understand all opportunities that come with an awareness of who you are and what you can do to become better. To improve the skills they require some soul-searching. It gives an ability to concentrate on their own identity, cope with certain obstacles inside in the first place, and follow the road of diffidence and incertitude, to make steps into the void. Nevertheless, it begs a question: “what actions the young creator exactly needs to take”? and where to translate them into reality. As might be expected they need a person for a dialogue who listens and supports to release fresh ideas and put them into actions. To achieve this goal art schools and courses, academies and art spaces with different exhibitions and programs were created.


How does it look like? A space free from all distractions, it should be suitable for creativity and inspiration. From the very beginning, the art space is made to remember it is all about you and no one else and keep it personal. Natural light, enough space to step away, favorite tunes to listen to and keeping everything minimal and clean are the components of the up-to-date space that help artists discover their full potential.

Where can you reach the core of your individual artist’s traits? If you want to improve your skills and techniques or get new experience in different fields, you should pick up some classes to master your means of expression from ceramics to design etc.

Art studios that conduct art classes in NYC area worth looking at:

Artacademy-USA has made us believe that only academic level of education can make a difference in the overall mainstream of art studio that does practice art classes in NYC area.

Artacademy-USA painting class

With strive to gain the best information we called Artacademy-USA and interviewed their art-instructors on practical skills that they implement into different art programs.

  1. Art classes in academic pencil drawing technique are our strong side says Anrew Schwarz, a leading art instructor. We mix classics and improve old tactics into fast, efficient art class that teaches you how to draw a cube within 4 hours.
  2. Painting classes in Artacadmy-USA slightly differ as most of the attendees have come to relax and have a good time. Hardly can anyone know that positive emotions come from basic ability to draw simple forms, mix colors, resolve issues with complex flowers or vegetation in the picture. Here comes our personal instruction on each of the challenges one can encounter at our painting classes.

Open Sunday to Monday from 12:00 PM till 9 P.M. located at Gramercy area, 233 Park Ave S. NYC tel. 929 9995118

The name of Painting Lounge gives us a hint this place is totally appointed to chill at a time when you are engaged in acquiring proper techniques of painting, composition, shading and workshops under the supervision of professional artists who involve you into a step-by-step process of replicating a featured painting. Within such relaxed environment, you feel the proper way to create something by yourself, because there is no right or wrong path to paint in order to connect with your artistic side. There is a law of BYOB, but no hard alcohol to classes. If you are a beginner or just love to draw you pay$50 and get how to paint, then taking your piece home (everything’s covered by the fee). Painting Lounge has four studios located on 39 West 14th St Suite 401(Chelsea Studio), 40 West 38th St 2nd Floor (Midtown Studio), 15 West 116th St (Harlem Studio) and 309 Roebling St. Brooklyn (Williamsburg Studio). The schedule differs depending on the studio. The variety of classes impresses, so you should check the website for sure https://www.rezclick.com/paintinglounge/index.php?page=calendar

92nd Street Y and The Art Studio NY are the alternatives for amateurs and professionals as well. Emotional lectures, talks, live music, dance performances and others distinguish the first institution, well-known art center in NYC. However, the program also includes classes from art appreciation to watercolor, from masterworks of the classical, jazz, theater and popular fields to songwriting. This spot is perfect for everyone at all ages. It is located on 1395 Lexington Ave. It is open from Monday to Friday from 5:30AM to 10:30PM, and on the weekend from 7:30 AM to 8 PM. The schedule is variable and depends on what class you choose. You can see the detailed calendar on the website https://www.92y.org/events.The second studio gives you an opportunity to take classes even if you are a beginner in a professional art-school institution. The classes are divided into three types: for adults, kids and private lessons. You can choose whatever you want and do not worry all art classes provide you relaxation, give creative expression, and the perfect break to recharge from your city life. You learn how to blend artistic techniques and your authentic self-expression together to be yourself. They have working days: Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. You might choose any class you want at your discretion http://www.theartstudiony.com/adult-classes .But be careful, many classes are sold out in advance as “Dare To Oil Paint” or “Fear-Free Drawing 101”.Make it quick!

Every shutterbug or professional photographer find International Center of Photography School perfect for investigating their own sense of a photograph and picking up a camera to hit the mark. This school is renowned and offers classes for teens and adults in all forms of film and digital photography. Be aware of getting knowledge of Photoshop, how to edit your images flawlessly. There is even a workshop on iPhone photography. A highlight of this spot is the opportunity for young artists to observe incredible exhibitions to broaden their horizon and chill with friends and co-thinkers. It is located on 1114 6th Ave and you also may check the website https://www.icp.org/school

Do you have an insane desire to learn silk-screen printing for both fine art and design? Check out The Gowanus Print Lab. This studio is all about teaching them. Intro courses include the basics of creating stencils (both hand-cut and photo-sensitized), mixing inks and the proper methods for printing with a squeegee you must get through. You will understand how specialized instruction for printing T-shirts, wallpaper and stationery, plus hi-speed printing using commercial four-color processes carry out. This studio provides you an affordable access to workspaces and tools, and for the record for young artists-to-be, there is an exhibition space for sharing and showing your masterpieces with a wider public. You can stop by from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM, except Friday they are working till 5 PM. Check the website https://www.gowanusprintlab.com/ and assure yourself that it is worth to devote your time to desirable classes and recommend your friends.

When the studio was found, art classes passed, who can help to become an artist?

Every day young artists, especially painters, ask a question how to become famous, organize a successful exhibition and promote their art in social media and in all possible ways digitally as well as offline. We help you figure it out!

We give talented artists creative space enabling to present themselves and their art pieces. Another valid point is to give them an opportunity to get interdisciplinary change with other artists. Because it is an excellent way to show their art and promote it with other like-minded people in order to build up relationships in this field. So we try to build the bridge between an artist and business minds.

Many dealers look for artists on their own. We try to create portfolios online available for them to get their attention, in other words, a young artist should always have an opportunity to be discovered. It can lead to group exhibitions or other events that push you to reach a goal.

We understand that emerging painters should set a goal and create a strategy, and we help with it. We research a target market, find spaces to distribute artworks and offer all possible alternatives for you to choose preferable one.

The most valuable step is to organize the first art exhibition that includes many processes to implement. Firstly, we are looking for a theme, because a good exhibition refers to the incredible one to unify different pieces into the whole concept. We are always thinking of the message this art exhibition has to deliver. If your event is special and specific, you catch the interest and make people come and enjoy.Among dozens of your pieces, we try to distinguish the most impressive one that will be a role model. In addition, the theme of the art exhibition should be displayed in the other objects you demonstrate.

The crucial point is the process of the event itself. Moreover, it is also good to start collaborating with other artists to split the expenses of promotional materials and other stuff. We help to set up a time and date, rent out a venue, make an announcement of your art event and create promotional materials. We carry out planning the art exhibition in advance at least 2-3 months. It helps to avoid a holiday period because it forces you to struggle for the public attention more. We do not forget that the art space should be clean, luminous and large enough. A little tip for you: set prices under your works. Because the purpose is not only to demonstrate your art pieces but to sell it as well. But remember few people can afford to buy an original work, so we care of creating smaller works, sketches and print reproductions they can buy at lower price.

As the media plays a crucial part in our lives, we share all information about your exhibition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. It gives an opportunity to reach a larger audience through advertisements, websites etc.W e remind you not to forget that you are the only one person this event is organized for. Your task is also to communicate, interact and engage with people, by the reason that they are the major means of improving your artwork and giving you valuation you need to keep in mind towards your successful career.