Do you feel the groove inside your head?

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Believe it or not, we do consider music and art is one of the main available mediums for relaxation and healing process.

Art spot for easy groove

Therefore, with respect to artistic community Cosmosjazzspot created an event and masterclass platform for all eager to learn, spend quality time and relax with the beats of a permanent jazz band.

All events are announced beforehand. The concept of the area undertook substantial changes over the years and migrated toward the democratic community where members can take part in art exhibition area, as well as a number of art events compiled by students and professional speakers, artists, musicians.

The art venue consists of several exhibition spaces each at least 60 square feet plus educational facilities with an auditorium for lectures, 5 art classes with considerable space for at least 10 to 15 students, recording room, chill-out area with a coffee spot.

Should one consider to share his strive for excellence in art and crafts, music and performing arts, please feel free to contact us for rental.