Rent Our Space

Cosmo’s space is available for hourly rental for band rehearsals or as a stand alone facility. It is aproximately 500 sq. ft. and we provide the following equipment:

  • Full PA & Monitors
  • Drums
    • Pearl Vision 5 Piece Set
  • Guitar Amplifiers
    • Fender Blues Junior
    • Black Face Fender Twin
  • Bass Amplifier
    • Trace Elliot Head with Eden 4 x 10 Speaker Cabinet
  • 2 Pianos
    • Baldwin Acoustic Upright
    • Casio Privia
  • Microphones and Stands
    • Rode Recording Mics
    • Various Vocal and Instrument Mics

The Rental fees are $25/hour and they include open air stereo recording of your rehearsal. Pro-tools is also available for full multi-track recording, starting at $45/hour.

Contact Us to find out more details